Yikes! Angelina Jolie Jealous That Brad’s Moving On After Split.

It’s no news that Hollywood stars -Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – gave up on their marriage September 2016, after she filed for divorce, and hasn’t given any indication since then that she wants him back. 

Even with the kind of chemistry that Brad, 53, and Angelina, 41, had when they were still together, they still crashed. We can recall that their 10 year old romance was fiery from the very beginning… from the moment they were on set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston, 48.

The kind of passion they had on screen had fans wondering if they had a thing for each other. Those suspicions were confirmed when Brad left Jen for Angie and they embarked on a new life together in which they would have several children (both adopted and biological) and eventually get married.

A report states that “Even though [Angelina Jolie] wanted the split, she’s terrified Brad [Pitt] will move on and find love with someone new, It’s one of those she can’t live with him, and she can’t live without him, things. Brad and Angie had scorching chemistry and she just can’t handle seeing him with another woman. She definitely gets very jealous.”

The screen diva gave up on Brad last year September and the two have since been stuck in the middle of a complex divorce and custody battle. With everything that is going on we can see why Angie has complicated feelings when it comes to Brad dating again.

“She’s definitely keeps an eye on him and what he’s up to,” the source added. “Besides just not wanting to see him with someone else, Angie really doesn’t want to see another woman come into the kids lives. That would really freak her out.”
“For now she doesn’t really have much to worry about, as Brad is focused on the kids, his health, art and his career, Other than that he just doesn’t have interest in another relationship”.

Here is what we know.

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