Wyclef Jean Ordered to Pay Close to $500k Over Foreclosure Miami Home

Someone please call 911!! Wyclef seems to be in some serious money trouble.

A Florida judge has ordered Wyclef Jean to pay $484,554.90 after losing his home due to foreclosure.

Back in 2008, Wyclef was sued for violating his mortgage agreements for a Miami home he bought and hadn’t finished renovating. The judge ordered the home to be sold off at a foreclosure auction and hit Wyclef with a $2.4 million judgment.

The home was later sold for $1.6 million which left Jean with $824K to pay up.

Wyclef then came to an agreement with one of the plaintiffs from the case, The Cruz Family Irrevocable Trust, where the Haitian rapper had to pay $350k in monthly installments over a period of time till it was paid off.

Reports say the money should have been paid off since 2015. However The Cruz family claim that Wyclef never paid any of the installments.

They later went to court again to demand that he pays the $350k plus interests.
The judge ruled in the Cruz family’s interest and agreed to their request ordering Wyclef to pay $484,554.90.

They have even filed documents to start seizing the rapper’s assets to get the money owed.

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The former Fugees member was quite busy last year. He released an album in September 2027 titled ‘Carnival III: The Fall And Rise Of A Refugee’ and a mixtape three months later titled ‘Wyclef Jean Inspired By’.

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