Wanted: Kylie Jenner’s Ex Tyga Wanted Over Unpaid $236K

Blac Chyna‘s Baby daddy and Kylie Jenner‘s ex can’t seem to catch a big break…

Young Money rapper Tyga, may get arrested if he refuses to pay up the money he owes, according to TMZ. He failed to show up to a hearing so a bench warrant was filed for him.

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Shyanne Riekena sued the rapper and his team citing sustained serious head injuries when a light stand came crashing down on her during one of his concerts.

Riekena won the lawsuit and Tyga was told to give the judge a rundown of his available assets to satisfy the $236k judgment against him.

But knowing Tyga and his little habit of refusing to make payments, he still hasn’t paid Shyanne. Due to this, the payment has gone up to more than $250.

Welp, doesn’t look so good. Tyga, you need to pay up.

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