Unbelievable! Ponzi Scheme Admin Shuts Down Whatsapp Group After 200 Participants Paid N3k Each.

WhatsApp Ponzi Scheme ? An unknown man by name Tunde, has allegedly shut down a ponzi Whatsapp group. He is said to be the admin on the group and has made away with more than N600,000 from participants of the scheme.

According the reports, the name of the whatsapp group is “Togetherness” whereby members  are to provide help with the sum of N3,000 and get help of N6,000 within 48 hours.

A member of the group claims that Tunde ran an extensive and eye catching advertisement on his Facebook page where he posted the Whatsapp group link, which availed him get such number of members within a short period.

He waited till the group was full; after convincing over 200 people to provide him help with N3k, with an assurance that their money will be doubled within 2days.

After 48hours, the participants were waiting for their cash, but all they saw was a new number, removing members of the group. Whereas, the original group admin was no longer in the whatsapp group. Reports today claims that none of the numbers are available till this moment.

Here are the screenshots of the Whatsapp group:

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