Uh Oh! Heather Locklear Arrested For Domestic Violence and Assaulting Police Officer

Actress Heather Locklear is in a bit of trouble with the police as she was arrested Sunday night for domestic violence. According to TMZ, Deputies responded to a call from Locklear’s Thousand Oaks, Calif. Home, at 10:27 p.m. after her brother called to say the actress and her boyfriend had been fighting.

“Our deputies responded and contacted Heather Locklear at that residence,” a spokesperson said Monday “She was uncooperative with deputies and battered our deputies. We conducted an investigation into the original call of the domestic disturbance and determined she had bartered her boyfriend. She was arrested for felony domestic battery and three counts of misdemeanor battery on a peace officer. She claimed prior to our arrival that she had been battered or injured. Although we did not see any evidence of that, out of an abundance of caution, she was transported to a hospital for evaluation”

Locklear’s full charges are one count domestic violence, a felony, and three counts of battery on emergency personnel.

This isn’t her first clash with the cops. The Melrose actress who checked into a rehab last year to battle her substance abuse was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of driving under the influence but the charges were later dismissed.

She was sentenced to three years of informal probation and ordered to pay a $700 fine and take a driver safety class.

The actress has also scared her family into thinking she is suicidal. TMZ reported one time that the actress had ingested a “dangerous mix” of a prescription drug, said to be Xanax, and alcohol.

We hope Heather gets the help she needs so she doesn’t harm herself or anyone.

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