Ubi Franklin Reveals Why Sony Hasn’t Announced Deal With Tekno.

Ubi Franklin, owner of the Triple MG record label has finally opened up on reasons why Sony music group is yet to announce its music deal with artiste, Tekno.

Tekno with some members of the Triple MG team including Tekno’s Manager were videod signing paper documents on Novermber 22, 2016 as they announced that a deal with the international music giant, Sony was concluded.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been any report from Sony confirming this claim, and the triple MG boss – Ubi Franklin – says this is because the signed documents was a ‘preliminary deal’.

In his words,

“You know signing such a deal is not something you can just fly in and do in a day and come back and we were in a busy period at that time so what we did was a preliminary signing. We had been working on the contract for about three months, sending it back and forth until the contract was right then we signed our copy. We then send the document to them and they put their own signature on it so it is when we go there this January that we will pick up our copy (the one they have signed on) and that is when they would officially announce it.”

Hmmmn… so much for the highly celebrated deal. In other news, Tekno and Ubi are currently in New York where they will supposedly tidy up the final details of the deal.

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