Travis Scott Grabs Kylie Jenner’s Ass In Provocative New Picture.

Kylie Jenner and her super star boyfriend, Travis Scott are head over heels in love, and they are taking their PDA game to a whole new level. The hit-maker couldn’t keep his hands to himself, instead they were on Kylie’s voluptuous backside. The 25 year old rapper wants everyone that cares to know that Kylie is his and his only! The love birds finally spent time together in L.A. on May 31.

Travis Scott grabs Kylie Jenner's butt

The duo were caught on camera… displaying major PDA on the street, with Travis’ two hands cupped around her butt cheeks. Wearing leggings and a black hoodie, Kylie wrapped her arms around her lover, facing away from the cameras. As the reality star walked away from the embrace, it seems like Travis got one more quick squeeze in, too — he just can’t get enough of her!

Just as a recap; things have been heating up for these two ever since her split from Tyga, 27, in March, and it certainly appears that he’s the guy who’s helped her get over the 27-year-old for good! After all, Kylie and Tyga have broken up several times before, but this two-and-a-half month separation is by far their longest time apart. An insider revealed that Kylie is more comfortable in this relationship than any other she’s had before “She’s happy for the first time because she is in a relationship based on trust. She’s never been more happy or secure than she is with Travis.”
Also, Travis is very much elated. “He’s so proud that she’s his. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t idolize her beauty.”

However, 27 year old rapper, Tyga seems to be beefing his ex Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s budding romance. The cute new couple was photographed hanging out on May 30, and when Tyga noticed that some fans were mocking them on Instagram, he was more than ready to join. A follower commented “let her know she DON’T got the juice lol,” and Tyga rushed to hit the “like” button.

travis and kylie

Tyga throws shade at kylie

Just so you know, “the juice” refers to a certain magnetism a man can have to women, or just being awesome in general. The comment insinuates that Tyga is better, and he seems to agree, while low key shading his reality Tv star ex girlfriend, Kylie Jenner and her main man, Travis Scott.

Do you think Kylie and Travis Scott’s relationship will stay strong? Who is a better match for Kylie… Travis or Tyga? Buzz off in the comment box below!


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