Tonto Dikeh Marriage Hitting The Rocks? Here Is Why

Popular Nollywood Actress and mother of one – Tonto Dikeh – caused a major uproah on her Instagram page as she removed the “Mrs” in her name and “Churchill”, she also went ahead to remove the “yummy wife/mummy” tag that was on her Instagram bio.

Take a look at what her bio used to look like and how it looks like now:

Here are some fans reaction, as they flooded her comment section with questions and concerns.

In other news, her hubby recently travelled to another West African country and he is spending it with his PA (side-chick) he didnt allow Tonto to come visiting. A week ago, the actress took to her Instagram to share a post, which partly reads:

‘If that guy doesn’t call you for two weeks, he doesn’t like you as much as you like him. If that important meeting keeps on getting rescheduled, it means it is not that important to the other party. Remember your happiness starts with you.
Not with your relationship. Not with your friends. Not with your job. But with you. Things outside of you won’t fix problems on the inside. Love yourself properly and people will love you’.

This drama is coming as a shock to fans, as Tonto is known for frequently gushing over her hubby and tagging him the best thing that ever happened to her. Could the 17month old marriage really be hitting the rocks?





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