T.I Hooks Up With Miami Hottie, Dumps Bernice Burgos And Wife, Tiny.

T.I. and Tiny’s dysfunctional relationship has gone sour once again. The duo made attempts to reconcile few days back, and we were all happy that they were finally getting their sh*t together, but naah they are done again. And T.I. isn’t turning to Bernice Burgos this time — we hear that he might have a new woman on the side instead!

A report states “None of their friends would be shocked if he found a new sidechick after this last fight”. Well, it’s possible, “He has girls throwing themselves at him all the time so it’s not hard to imagine,”. As regards how T.I’s wife, Tiny feels about everything, the insider says: “Tiny is convinced he has someone new on the DL in Miami, She doesn’t trust him.”

This turn of event is heartbreaking especially after T.I. and Tiny have really been trying to make it work lately — T.I. had even started sleeping at home again. But unfortunately, T.I is back in the arms of another woman; a mysterious Miami woman. (T.I. actually has a concert in Miami today, July 3, so we’ll keep an eye out).

It’s possible that T.I. is finally moving on from Tiny, and this could be their last bow to their relationship. And his former mistress, Bernice Burgos is totally off his mind for now; which has got more trolls attacking her and telling her she is indeed “a pass around”.

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