Soulja Boy To Chris Brown: “I Was Gonna Hit His A** With That Superman Punch”.

Soulja Boy is still not happy with the fact that Chris Brown backed out of a publicised boxing match. He has been taunting Chris over the now-defunct fight and has refused to let go.

The Atlanta Rapper went on to publicly shade his music rival at a live concert:

“I told that b*tch a** n*gga let’s get into the boxing ring. What’s up, n*gga? He said, ‘Okay, Soulja Boy, I’m gonna sign the contract and I’m gonna fight you.’ Waited a whole motherf*cking month and Chris Brown backed out the fight like a little b*tch, man! … I was gonna knock Chris Brown b*tch a** out! Y’all know what the f*ck is going on. He was scared I was gonna hit his a** with that Superman punch.” (TMZ)

Whose side are you on? Do you think Soulja Boy will actually beat Chris Brown up, if they are to go head-to-head?

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