Soulja Boy Insults Entire Family, Calls His Mum A Crackhead.

Soulja Boy Insults Family: The 26 year old apparently saw a video of his mom and brother accusing him of leaving them broke andz stranded in the ghetto, and he is not happy about it. 

The rapper called his mother – Lisa Way – all sorts of names… including “crackhead” on Twitter!

“If you not with me you against me, facts. F*ck you I don’t need you,” The young star tweeted about his mom and brother, John Way on March 13 but later on deleted it.

“The only time my mother call me is for my money and my Lil brother a broke b*tch umma slap him when I see him f*ck then. F*ck a hater… I love my life…God is good…Umma expose my mom and my brother. She a crackhead and he live with his dad he not in the hood they looking for a come up…F*ck them,”

Soulja claims he gave his mom $100,000, and she spent it all in one week. Woah!

Here is his full Twitter rant:

What do you think? Is Soulja Boy right or wrong?

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