Shocking! Amber Rose Admits To Being Jay Z’s Side Chick; Becky With The Good Hair.

Amber Rose

OMG! Amber Rose got the internet gaga last night, May 17. The curvy star started a war on Twitter after she confirmed she’s “Becky with the good hair” this obviously got lots of attention, especially from the Beyhive. Everyone’s amazed Amber admitted to being the infamous, home-wrecking ‘Becky with the Good Hair’! Ermm, but of course, in this case – “Becky with the Short Hair”. The controversial diva took to Twitter in what we can only assume was a moment of temporary insanity, because the message she shared with the world is deep enough to cause a nasty war with no end in sight.

Amber Twitter

Fans have been trying to decode who Becky is since Beyonce’s epic album which was released last year April 23rd — with Rachel Roy, Rita Ora and Taylor Swift being major suspects, as they were accused of being Jay’s side chick. But after the long investigation and allegations, most fans concluded that the “Becky with the good hair” lyric was simply some form of creative expression. But oh well, Amber proved everyone has been clueless, with her tweet: “Hey @Beyoncé I got a secret. I am Becky With the Short Hair. #iaintsorry #muvalemonade.” Yikes! Oh no she didn’t just say that! Amber admitted to being the infamous “Becky With The Good Hair”.

We all remember Becky from Beyonce’s album Lemonade, the Becky who Beyoncé’s hubby Jay Z, 47, allegedly cheated on her with. The Hive members came together on Twitter to fire back at Amber with epic Beyonce memes and warnings like, “Oh girl. Those are not problems that you want.”

Amber Rose Twitter

Amber's Tweet

Most fans of the “Crazy In Love” singer really, really hoped that — for her own safety — Amber had been hacked. Luckily, the rapper soon came back to say that was in fact what happened. “We both got hacked f**k it #safeword @cthagod ,” Amber tweeted, linking to an Instagram video of her and Charlamagne tha God. But in the video Charlamagne joked that one of the tweets Amber sent while “hacked” — a diss about Tyga’s music — was actually true.
Do you believe she was hacked? Was she being Sarcastic? Let’s know your thoughts below!

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