Robbers Tell Kim Kardashian To Forget Diamond Ring Worth $4Million.

According to reports, the reality star has been told that its highly unlikely she would get back her $4Million diamond ring.

Few months back, robbers took the ring from Kim Kardashian’s apartment in Paris. The diamond ring that was given to her by hubby, Kanye is probably somewhere in Antwerp’s diamond district in Belgium.

Five people dressed as police got to the hotel where Kim Kardashian West stayed during Paris Fashion Week in October, and made away with valuables including a ring valued at 4 million euros and a jewellery box valued at 5 million euros.

The curvy star who is known for making much of her wealth went AWOL on social media months that followed the Paris robbery.

On January 3rd, she posted her first pictures on Twitter and Instagram, but has since not publicly commented on the incident.

Kardashian, being the world’s highest paid reality TV star, used the power of social media achieve fame, with close to 50 million followers on Twitter and 90 million on Instagram.

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