Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Feud: Check Out Whose Side These Celebrities Are On.

24 hours ago, Rob threw a major tantrum on social media when he shared a video which his estranged ex fiancé, Blac Chyna sent him. In the video, Chyna is seen with her new lover making out in the bed they’ve (Rob and Chyna) shared together. Things blew up from there, with Rob posting a photo of Blac’s vagina and Blac accusing him of beating her up. Then, the 30-year-old went on a wild rant on Instagram about his ex, accusing her of cheating on him, having threesomes with T.I. and Tiny, getting plastic surgery after giving birth to their daughter, Dream Kardashian, and making shocking claims about her alleged drinking and drug use.

Kim Kardashian has shown disgust about what Blac Chyna did to her lil bro. The 36 year old is naturally taking her brother, Rob Kardashian’s, side in his social media fight with Blac Chyna, 29, but she’s also very frustrated about the drama it’s all causing. According to a report, “Kim is furious at Blac and disappointed in Rob, She thinks it’s disgusting that Rob would post revenge porn and thinks he’s better than that. She’s mad that he’s making the entire Kardashian family look bad on social media. She’s also enraged that Blac would use her brother, who is such a sensitive guy.”

kim, rob and chyna

Kim isn’t the only one angered by the feud going on between the two ex lovers, T.I. and Tiny are also. According to a report, “[Tameka “Tiny” Harris] thinks Rob [Kardashian] is such a loser for bringing this up — he’s just making himself look like a fool, She used to have sympathy for him, but not anymore. He’s a chump for this and the timing is awful”. Yesterday, July 5, the 30-year-old father of one claimed his ex-fiancee Blac Chyna, 29, cheated on him with multiple men, including T.I. Rob said Chyna, T.I. and Tiny had a threesome and that T.I. actually “paid” Chyna to hook up with the couple.

In the comment section of one of Rob’s posts against Chyna, T.I said: “Why bring ya business to IG tho?” “Look, You got worked bro…. but at least keep it to yourself, you letting the world know you a duck. I mean a BIG DUCK, a might duck, Ronald McDonald the suck, Scrooge McDuck, Howard the Duck, Huey Dewy & Lewie… save the #DuckTales Just hold this L, kiss ya kid & cut ya losses & more on…u got no moves bro.” Rob, who didn’t like that T.I. referenced his daughter, Dream, just had to say something back.

“Since TI wanna chime in on business that don’t concern him let’s talk about the threesome you had with Chyna and your baby mama Tiny,” he captioned a screenshot of T.I.’s commentary. “Don’t speak on my daughter when u having threesomes with young Chy and Tiny ::: and I put that on my daughters life since u wanna speak on my daughter,,, damn shame. Chyna told me everything about your threesomes with you and her and Tiny. U got no moves bro ;;; Correction ::: TI paid Chyna to have sex with Tiny and him.”

What are your thoughts about Chyna and Rob’s drama? Do you think they’ll eventually settle their differences for the sake of their daughter, Dream? Do you believe T.I, Tiny and Chyna had a threesome?

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