Reasons Why Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Getting Back Together.

There are more than one reason to think that Rihanna and Chris Brown might be getting back together. Although it’s close to a decade since our once upon a time power couple had a terrible split that got everyone picking sides (obviously most people bashed Chris for hitting RiRi). The whole drama isn’t one to die down just like that, over the years everyone is still talking about it!

As if that wasn’t enough, Brown has come out with a new movie about his life and he’s focused a significant chunk of it on his romantic past with Rihanna; this clearly indicates that Breezy can’t just get over Rihanna, and she’ll forever play a major role in his life.

The documentary recounts the early stages of their relationship, along with the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards during which they got into an argument over one of Brown’s ex-lovers showing up at a party they had attended. After Rihanna found a text message from this former flame on Brown’s car, the angry interaction culminated in Brown punching Rihanna in the face multiple times. She ended up in the hospital and he ended up getting arrested.

This incident is well-known to all celebrity gossip followers, but Brown bringing it up in detail via his documentary has shined a new light on his present relationship with Rihanna. According to various sources, Brown would love to rekindle their romance. “Chris has never stopped loving Rihanna, he would reunite with her in a heartbeat.”

Another report states that: “Rihanna barely speaks to Chris these days. She’s aware that she really needs to move on from that chapter in her life and she’s finally getting there. Chris still sends her text messages, but she’s doing her best to just ignore them.”

Lots of people are of the opinion that Chris’ new documentary – which proves that he isn’t over Rihanna – might be that final link that’ll reunite the former lovebirds together. Do you agree with this line of thought?

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