Reasons Why Angelina Jolie And Ex Husband, Brad Pitt Are Considering Getting Back Together.

Single life has been tough on Angelina Jolie, and the Hollywood star has been struggling with being “single” after she and her ex husband/Hollywood colleague, Brad Pitt parted ways. There are reports that the screen diva became ‘incredibly lonely’ — and misses a couple of things about Brad.

Reports states that the 41 year old actress has been having a really rough time on her own. “Angelina is incredibly lonely. She acted in anger and frustration, and really didn’t think her actions through, I don’t think she was prepared for what life would be like on her own.” Angelina Jolie has six adorable children, and apparently taking care of them all on her own is a challenging task. Now we have to wonder if she was trying to make everyone believe she was fine and able to pull through with the weighing responsibilities, especially after she took Shiloh and Knox to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California in Irwindale on May 6.

Reports according to Hollywood Life further suggests that she hasn’t felt like there’s anyone she can really open up to about how she has been feeling. “Aside from the kids, bodyguards, and her staff, she has no one — not even a close friend, There’s no one that she fully trusts or can confide in. That’s what she misses most about Brad [Pitt], their conversations and closeness.”

Angelina has started to remember how much she loved Brad and how well they worked together as parents. “When things were good, they were a team, it was them against the world, I would not be surprised if she decides to give Brad another chance. It certainly seems to be what she wants deep down—but then, she has an incredibly stubborn and self-destructive streak, and that may ultimately prevent her from following her heart.”

Poor Angy. Do you think she is considering getting back with Brad? Would you love to see the duo back together? Let’s read your views!

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