Racism: H&M Uses Young Black Model For ‘Monkey’ Hoodie and The People Aren’t Here For It

Clothing retailer H&M caused a major frenzy when they uploaded a photo of a Black Child Model wearing a Hoodie with ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’ printed on it.

People are upset that the brand chose to put the boy in that particular hoodie as opposed to other sweaters in their collection and have expressed their distaste in social media.

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Celebrities have also come out to express tbeir disappointment over the photo.
Canadian Singer, The Weeknd, who has modeled and launched his own line with the company last year has decided to cut ties with the clothing company.

Basketball Superstar Lebron James posted an edited version of the pic and blasted the retail company on his Instagram saying,

Music Mogul, Diddy asked the company to put some “Respeck” on Black People,

H&M have since removed the image from their website and says that the hoodie would be removed from all its stores nationwide.

The company released a statement apologizing for the image on Instagram,

H&M isn’t the only brand to post racist products pictures, Skincare Brand, Nivea, was criticized in April 2017, for an advert that was seen as discriminatory and racist.

Pepsi also took down an advert featuring model Kendall Jenner after it sparked outrage for commercializing protesters and making light of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Although they apologized, some people aren’t satisfied saying that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, whether it was intentional or not. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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