OMG! T.I In Nasty Fight With Fans Of Soon To Be Ex Wife, Tiny On Social Media.

Veteran hip hop rapper, T.I is angry at fans who are constantly telling him to get back with his soon to be ex wife, Tiny. The rapper expressed himself in a nasty rant, dissing concerned fans and telling them to stop living in the past and that they should let him move on with his life.
In case you missed, T.I., 36, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, marriage is over, and the duo have started their divorce process. Tiny served him with divorce papers which he accepted on April 24. Tiny initially filed back in December 2016, but the case stalled and it looked like they might be trying to reconcile. Now that The Family Hustle stars are pulling the plug on their six-year marriage, fans are having a fit and T.I. is clapping back at their anger.

One of Tiny’s fans named kii_renee confronted T.I yesterday, April 28 on Instagram, and he was having none of it: “I just watched the episode where Tiny was waiting for you to be released from prison. Loyalty and love. Meanwhile you’re out here searching for something that doesn’t love you. Money loves nobody”.

“Keep living in the past and you’re doomed to repeat it,” he responded back to her comment before getting mean! He snapped, “Now find you something productive to do.” Ouch. Her words must have really struck a nerve with Tip because he later lashed out on Instagram in a profanity-laced video.

He had earlier told fans he was on his way to a concert in Birmingham, AL, he looked right into the camera and said “News flash! If I didn’t call you to ask your opinion on whether or not I should get married when I got married, please don’t think I’ll listen to your motherf***ing opinion on whether or not I should not be married.” End of story!

He went on to say in the caption: “If I didn’t need your blessings to get married….if I didn’t ask YOU what I should do then….What makes you think I need your advice now?”

Woah! What do you think about T.I’s clap back? Do you think T.I and Tiny will reconcile soon?

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