Nicki Minaj Still Receiving Heat Over Remy Ma Feud.

Nicki Minaj Vs Remy Ma: The rap queen has proven over again that she has other things to be worried about other than feuding, but the internet isn’t having it. The curvy star is constantly getting trolled on social media, as her latest posts are filled with comments and accusations surrounding her on going beef with Remy ma.

Earlier on, Remy Ma spoke about her feud with the self acclaimed barbie:
“It just bothers me that this record that I put out where it’s literally picking apart a female went so viral, and every media outlet wants to talk about it and pick it up; I feel like we could’ve done the same thing working together. I just personally think it would’ve been so much cooler…if we came together and made something crazy […] It could’ve been totally different. I don’t regret [“shETHER”], but I’m not particularly proud of it.” (Buzz Feed)

Latest reports claim that Nicki won’t be entertaining any feud for now.

Our sources say Nicki feels Remy’s accusations are being exposed as lies by various people, including Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Ebro and Safaree. There’s a lot of chatter that Nicki will fall off if she doesn’t respond, but she doesn’t buy it. As for the long-term, Nicki isn’t ruling out a counterblast, but she feels right now she’s winning by silence. (TMZ)

Do you think she is being mature or being a sissy ?

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