Nicki Minaj Pregnant With First Child?

There are more than one reasons to believe that Nicki Minaj is truly pregnant. Reports points to the fact that Nicki Minaj may be pregnant with her first child! Nicki herself gave hints on her twitter about her unborn first child.

After teasing fans with the picture of a (fake) baby bump in February, Minaj was up to her mysterious tricks once again on Monday night.

Minaj simply posted an emoji of a baby on her Twitter account, not saying a single word about the symbol or what it implies… But she didn’t fail to like a number of comments by users who naturally speculated over its meaning and whether Minaj would soon be welcoming her first child into the world.

Nicki's Baby tweet

Nicki's tweet

Insiders have said since that Nicki is dating Nas, although neither star has come out and confirmed this romance, that he is the expectant father – if, indeed, a baby actually exists, since another report states that Nicki is not pregnant and the baby emoji Tweet wasn’t completely random, either, as Nicki wants to be pregnant. Sooner instead of later, too.

“Nicki may not be getting married anytime soon, but she does not want that to slow her down from pursuing her dreams of being a mother. She has already floated the idea by Nas about using his sperm to make a baby. Nicki feels like a baby with Nas would be incredibly talented and she can’t think of anyone else right now she’d rather share a child with.”

“It is not the first time she has felt the urge to be a mother. Whenever she gets in a mood to be a mom, she teases her friends and fans about possibly being pregnant. She loves stirring things up and can’t wait to break the news for real.”

Here is what we know.

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