Here Are New Hints Indicating Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are Getting Engaged.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: The curvy star has proven that she is totally in love with her new bae, Alex Rodriguez and reports claims that she has proceeded to informing friends that she thinks he’s ‘the one’.

The 47 year old screen diva is in a romantic relationship with former Yankees great Alex Rodriguez, 41, and she’s been gushing about it nonstop to her friends. 

They were only just recently linked in February, but the duo have already jetted off on a hot vacation to the sunny Bahamas together. Things are moving at a swift rate; “Jen is totally crazy in love with Alex — she says he’s her perfect man and soul mate,” (HollywoodLife).

Reports states that her friends are worried things are moving way to fast: Sure, he’s cute, supremely talented, and a doting father, but they only started dating about a month ago! “[Jennifer is] saying that ‘he’s the one,’ but her besties are worried because she’s only just come out of the relationship with Drake and she’s jumped right back in. There’s concerns that she’s moving way too fast, even by JLo standards, and that she’s heading for heartbreak again.”

However, Lopez thinks Alex Rodriguez is awesome, and she’s never saying never when it comes to him! “When it comes to love she marches to the beat of her own drum, and she can’t help being a hopeless romantic, As crazy as it sounds, Jen’s already talking marriage, and nobody should be surprised if these two make it official very very soon.”

Hmmmn… could this be true love?

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