Migos Talk Ambition, Cardi B, Weed, New Album & More As They Cover Rolling Stone

2018 seems to be starting on a great foot with the Migos.

Rap trio, Migos, who had one of the biggest hits last year ‘Bad and Boujee’ is currently working on completing their album Culture II sat with Touré for Rolling Stone.

The group, made up of Uncle Quavo, Cousin Offset and Nephew Takeoff, talked about the struggles and perks of recording their upcoming album while on the road.

“At home, you comfortable as hell!” Offset explains. “You not gonna be like, ‘Is this hard?’ It’s just you in your zone. ‘Bad and Boujee’ was made at my house!”

He says he recorded his parts with his youngest son sitting on the floor by his leg.

“We were just writing in the middle of, like, the jungle,” Takeoff recalls. “Our backyard was, like, the trees.” All of this had an impact on what they wrote. In one song, Takeoff says, “[Quavo] saying ‘straight out the jungle, straight out the jungle,’ like on a Bob Marley kind of like Jamaican tip. We wouldn’t have said that if we wasn’t in the environment we was in.”

Even though the Migos are always grinding and balling with their expensive cars and jewelry, they aren’t just about the high life, they also invest in real estate, cryptocurrency and more.

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Offset who said he doesn’t like to discuss his investments talked about why he does what he does.

“I want to have generational money,” he says. “I got three kids, bro. I need all my kids to be educated and wealthy.” His kids are eight, two and two. No, the two-year-olds aren’t twins. “I don’t want to be one of those rappers who had it but right now they be on a TV show to keep them going,” Offset says. “I would rather be out the scene, getting my money on Bitcoin.”

Offset also talked about his rapper fiancee Cardi B. He even had a great reason for proposing on stage. And it makes lots of sense.

“So she wouldn’t think I was playing,” he says. “Let the world see that shit. I must have spent half a million on that [ring].”

Offset who recently got a tattoo of Cardi on his neck responded to Toure asking why he would want to marry the Dominican rapper.

“She is real solid, came from where I came from, did what I did. She’s herself, man. I seen her develop from the trenches all the way up, and I like how she did it. I respect her grind as a woman. She came to the game with some gangsta shit. I like that. I fuck with her. That’s my baby.”

Migos, Quavo, Offset, Takeoff, Rolling Stone, Culture II, Cardi B, Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, Celebrity, Magazine Cover

Cardi also had lots of sweet stuff to say about Offset.

“He is always taking care of everybody,” she says. “Like, you know when you that one person that have the money, he really take care of everybody? He got to take care of his babies, so he overworks himself more than anybody I ever seen.”

The trio also discussed their beef with former rapper and co-host of Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, with Quavo saying he doesn’t care about him.

“I ain’t never had no beef with Joe Budden!” he says. “I always just been, ‘Fuck him.’ It’s no disrespect when I say, ‘Fuck him.’ It’s not like, ‘Fuck him when I see him, let’s fuck him up.’ It’s like a ‘Fuck him, I’m not bothering him, he ain’t bothering me’ type of fuck. It’s no beef. He’s just a man with bullshit opinions to piss the artists off. And on top of that, he used to be an artist, so he knows what to say to piss us off.”

The new album is supposedly going to be a fan fave and has the same signature trap feel that is their style. “Club rocking. The beat, the bass is everything,” said Offset. “We’re not really a slow-down artist. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s lit.”

The Culture II is expected to come out January 26th. I definitely can’t wait to hear it…What about you? Let us know if you’re excited or not in the comments below.

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