LeBron James Gangs Up With The Kardashian Sisters. Here Is What They Are Up To.

Lebron James

Khloe Kardashian has been bashed in the past for “being a curse to the cleveland Cavaliers” because of her romantic relationship with NBA star, Tristan Thompson. Notwithstanding, the team leader, LeBron James wants her to bring her hot and popular sisters to his games – to distract opposing players.

“LeBron’s having second thoughts about Khloe and the bad or not so bad mojo she brings to Cleveland. If it wasn’t for her, no one would even be talking about the Cavs. Russell Westbrook is making history. Steph Curry is doing his thing in Oakland and his Warriors jersey is still the best-selling jersey in the NBA for the sixth straight year. LeBron’s been kind of an after thought in the league and all of the talk on the sports shows is how bad Cleveland’s been playing, if they’re talking about the team at all. Bron’s not trying to make enemies and if Khloe’s going to be coming around to the games, she needs to bring all her sexy sisters and friends and their friends to sit court side and distract the opposing team. Bron needs all the help to win.” ( Hollywood Life).

Apparently, the team has struggled badly as the playoffs loom, playing some of their worst ball of the season. They’re on a three game losing streak with one game left against the Toronto Raptors on Apr. 12 at home in Cleveland. They’ve dropped 6 of their last 10 games and are trailing the Boston Celtics as the top seed in the Eastern Division. They’ve been the number one since 2015, so this has been a pretty big fall from grace.

Perhaps, the Kardashian sisters can distract their opponents!

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