Kris Jenner Makes New Revelations About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape.

It’s been a decade since Kim’s epic sex tape was released, and ever since, the curvy reality TV star became way more popular than she used to be, and of course became the most famous of the Kardashian Clan. This same sex tape (named Kim Kardashian Superstar) was a gateway to their family’s exponentially increasing fame and fortune.

A lot of people are of the opinion that the Kardashians don’t have any talent and they shouldn’t be this popular and wealthy; and we all can’t help but wonder if Kim in particular would have been elevated to this level of fortune and fame if she didn’t let Ray J pound her into orgasmic oblivion, and then agree to let the footage be released to the public. No case can logically be made that states the Kim Kardashian sex tape harmed its lead actress, that’s for certain.
Appearing as a guest on THR’s Awards Chatter podcast on Monday, Kris Jenner labeled the sex tape “one of the most horrific things that we as a family went through.”

Kim Kardashian Superstar

As for charges that Jenner was actually behind the leak? That it was her idea for Kim to make the video and use it to garner the same sort of fame that Paris Hilton attained via her notorious naked footage: “It’s nonsense,” Jenner says. “You know, haters are gonna hate. People are gonna come up with the most ridiculous things.”

Although Kris claims otherwise, it’s not beyond the realm of comprehension that she would have encouraged Kim to simply have sex with the man she was already dating, and then to film it, in order to catapult her family to its current level of celebrity. Way back in the day, Kardashian reported dropped a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment for distributing the tape, settling at the time for $5 million. But the video continues to sell right up through today and both Kim and Ray J continue to see royalties from it.
Jenner also addressed the trolls that so often harass her and her family.
“There’s definitely a lot of bullies out there,” she said, adding:
“The internet is a crazy place. There’s a lot of really miserable, unhappy, terrified, angry, bitter, nasty people out there that don’t have jobs or are hopeless or depressed and sad…
“… And they can be a big, fat, important bully by going online and typing a really ugly statement to someone else that they’ve never even met before, that has feelings and a heart.”
“I’m trying to create a business here, and nobody has their best interest like I do. We all love working together and we love our situation. Why don’t you go worry about your own situation and go get a job yourself?”
Here is what we know.

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