Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Marriage Threatened?

Kim Kardashian, 36 and Kanye West, 39 seem to be going through a rocky patch in their marriage. The duo find it difficult to catch a break in their complicated and highly controversial marriage, especially as Kim Kardashian is reliving the emotional trauma from her Paris armed robbery on the “Keeping Up With The kardashians” Show, while Kanye is still recovering from his psychiatric hospitalization which he underwent few weeks back. Their personal battles seem to be affecting their relationship, but Kim won’t be giving up soon as she is ready to fight to take things back to how they were, and more importantly prevent Divorce.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

A source close to the couple stated that “Kim and Kanye are having such a hard time, the relationship is all over the place. Kim is doing everything in her power to keep them in a good space though, the last thing she wants is to go through another divorce. She can’t stand the thought of putting her kids through that, If she only had herself to think about it would be a different story, she’d probably have pulled the plug a while ago. But she’s got North and Saint to think about, she’s fighting hard to save this marriage for their sake,”
They have two little children together – North West, 3 and Saint West, 1, and it would be devastating to have their mommy and daddy split up so early on in their lives, and reports states that Kim wouldn’t want her young kids to go through such trauma as she lived through her mom Kris, 61, and late dad Robert Sr. divorce.
There are reports that the couple’s household is filled with tension after Kim shared all of the scary details about her Paris robbery on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, something Kanye thought should have remained private.
The power couple hardly step out together, could they be heading towards a crash?

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