Justin Bieber Runs Photographer Over, Acts As “Superman”.

Justin Bieber has been the subject of discussion for some weeks now, and the paparazzi has constantly been on his neck…especially after he cancelled his concert due to religious believes. The 23 year old was caught on cameras when he accidentally hit a photographer with his monster truck, and fortunately he was the first to jump out and help the man
Since the multiple award winning artiste cancelled the rest of his Purpose stadium tour and is relaxing back home in LA, he’s once again become a constant target for the paparazzi. The shutterbugs gathered in force outside of the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, where the singer had been attending a worship service on July 26. As he got in his giant black monster truck to leave, the 23-year-old was swarmed and temporarily gunned his engine as a sign to get out of the way. He ended up clipping a photog on the right side of his rig, who immediately collapsed to the ground in screaming pain.

Apparently, the whole incident was caught on tape since photographers have the swarming round Bieber. The footage shows how kind-hearted Justin is, as he didn’t leave the scene, but got out of his rig and stayed with the man. He even ordered other cameramen to give the guy some space and privacy. He can be heard asking “What can we do? What do you need?” He even said “Is there anything we can do to help you?” Justin stayed with the man for 10 minutes until paramedics arrived. The Police arrived not long after, and Bieber ended up leaving the scene once he knew the guy was going to be okay.

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