Here Is Why Rapper, Tyga Is In Huge Lawsuit Mess.

Tyga will be digging deep into his pockets as reports claims that he has been forced to pay up nearly $70,000 in a promotional company case. Reports confirms that the rapper literally lost the case by not showing up for a court appearance.
“Tyga got hit for nearly $65,000 in a case where a promoter sued him for allegedly breaking a performance contract. It wasn’t hard for the promoter to win … Tyga never showed up in court. We broke the story … Z Entertainment claimed Tyga had signed on with them in 2015 to perform at a show in Vegas, also promising not to perform at competing clubs around the same time frame. Lo and behold they say Tyga did just that … not to mention screwing them by being a no-show the year before at another gig”. (TMZ)

Meanwhile, the rapper and his celebrity girlfriend – Kylie Jenner – have been busy riding shotgun.

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