God’s Plan?? Drake’s Handwritten Lyrics Selling for $54k!

Blessings on Blessings on the Six god.

One of Drake‘s old notebook filled with handwritten notes and rare lyrics is fast selling for a whooping $54k. The beat up purple spiral notebook features about 12 pages of lyrics, including a homage to late rapper Biggie Smalls‘s “Ten Crack Commandments” which is titled “10 Mack Commandments”.

The memorabilia is being sold by Moments In Time, which is also responsible for selling many of Tupac‘s items.

Gary Zimet, owner of MomentsInTime.com, tells TMZ, the notebook was recovered from Drake’s grandpa’s furniture factory in Toronto about 10 years ago. It was supposedly nearly thrown out, but someone on the cleanup crew nabbed it and is now selling it on the site. Lucky Chap

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The notebook also includes multiple Aubrey Graham signatures (his real name for those who don’t know), personal notes and various phone and credit card numbers … possibly his uncle’s.

Nobody’s sure when the each entry was made but the copyright in front of the book is dated 2002.

This is a year after his 8 year run on Degrassi.

If you’re a big fan of Drake and you want the memorabilia then you should be ready to cough up the $54k.

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