Former University of Hartford Student Accused of Harassing Black Roommate will not Face Hate Crime Charges

Brianne Brochu harassed her roommate Jazzy Rowe last month in a series of events which was revealed by Rowe in a Facebook Live video.

In the video, Rowe claimed that Brochu smeared bodily fluids on her belongings, spat in her coconut oil and stuck her toothbrush in the place “where the sun doesn’t shine”. This led to Rowe falling ill from the disturbing actions.

Broche admitted to these actions on her Facebook status and referred to Rowe as a “Jamaican Barbie”.

With the help of NAACP, Rowe brought up charges against Brochu as she felt her actions were racially motivated.

Despite all the evidence against her, Broche pleaded not guilty to charges of Breach of Peace and Criminal Mischief and Prosecutors decided not to bring any new charges against her.

The president of NAACP expressed his disappointment with the outcome!

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