Eminem Not Pleased With Daughter’s Dressing On 21st Birthday.

Eminem’s once upon a time little girl isn’t so little anymore. The 44 year old rapper’s daughter, Hailie Mathers clocked 21 March 24 and like every other father in the world, Eminem doesn’t want daughter Hailie growing up too fast, and he isn’t particularly happy about the underboob she flaunted on her 21st birthday.

Halie’s pictures from the birthday party immediately went viral, she rocked a skintight maroon red dress that showed off her pretty curves, and almost half of her boobs was on full display. Reports claims that Hailie’s new dress sense might be having some effects on her Father: “Hailie is a very sexy girl, and that’s definitely hard on him,”.
We think Hailie sees Eminem as a protective dad. Reports further states:

“He wants to protect her, so he gets nervous when she goes out in short dresses and heels. He likes her in sweatpants and a pony tail.”

Awwwn so sweet! But newsflash! hailey is now an adult, she is no longer the little child in the 1999 music video for “Mockingjay.” This doesn’t remove the fact that Hailie is super down to earth! Her Instagram is packed with cute pictures of her best friends and boyfriend.

Although Eminem takes his fatherly roles seriously and with care, his music remains to be ruthless, gutsy, and packed with mean punchlines. In his latest single, “No Favors” featuring Big Sean, Eminem throws a major Shade at the United states president, Donald Trump by calling him a “b*tch.”
His album was released in February and it swiftly became a huge success.

This is what we know.

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