Donald Trump Declares Alliance With Alleged Pervert, Bill O’Reilly.

United States president, Donald Trump showed his support for Bill O’Reilly in a hilarious Saturday night live skit where they both got along so well. Incase you missed, Bill is being accused of sexually harassing at least five women.

Few days ago, there were allegations by Rachel Witlieb Bernstein, Andrea Mackris, Rebecca Gomez Diamond, Laurie Dhue, and Juliet Huddy (two of which are former producers from his show) against the O’Reilly Factor host for sexually harassment over the course of his television career from 2002 – 2016. The accusers also claim they were paid by Bill directly, or by Fox News, to keep their accusations in the dark.

When this news was made public, Trump was one of the few people ready to stand up for Bill. The President believes Bill “didn’t do anything wrong.” The former Apprentice host even called Bill “a good person”. He went on to say “I actually see a lot of myself in you, Bill. Sexual harassment is near and dear to my hand”.

Well, trump has a point here! Afterall, multiple Miss America and Miss Universe pageant contestants claim he has made unwanted sexual advances at them.

Are you surprised that Trump is defending Bill??

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