Chris Brown Makes Shocking Revelations About Plans Of Marrying Rihanna.

Talk of a shocker? Here you have it – Chris Brown recently revealed in his new documentary that he was head over heels in love with his ex girlfriend Rihanna, and that he had plans of walking down the aisle with her. The 28 year old international superstar singer made this revelation, opening up about details regarding his relationship with onetime girlfriend Rihanna, 29, and he also revealed a secret which he has kept to himself for years… the fact that he wanted to marry her at one point. Chris is currently filming his new documentary – Welcome to My Life, in the clip, Breezy explains that even at their young ages back in 2009, he was so in love with her that he was ready to propose. Chris went on to explain what made him fall in love with Rihanna, he added that he was the first one to say “I love you.”

Don’t we all miss the dynamic duo? they secretly dated for eight months before coming out as a power couple following their unforgettable collaboration at the 2007 VMAs. The former lovebirds weren’t even in their twenties yet and Chris claims he was ready to marry and settle down with RiRi! He wanted to propose, but had a big secret that he was hiding from her and once he shared it with his girlfriend, their relationship became messy. Chris confirmed that RiRi was suspicious early on in their relationship about a lady he had some business with. Chris however lied to her and said that everything was strictly professional, when in fact they were having an affair. As the relationship became super serious, Breezy decided to get the guilt out of his system and tell Rihanna the truth, and that was when things between them turned into a toxic mess full of fights and jealousy.

In welcome to my life, he said that it was an encounter with the woman at Clive Davis‘ Feb. 2009 Grammys pre-party that led to his highly publicized and controversial physical fight with Rihanna. According to Chris, his former hook-up partner showed up at his table to say hi and Ri completely lost it, breaking down in tears. Once he got her to calm down they left the party, we all know what happened after that; the pair got into a nasty fight inside his Lambo and Rihanna ended up battered and bruised after he hit and bit her. Chris was hit with assault charges in what would be the first of several run-ins with the law over his temper. It was a terrible fall out that caused Chris some of his fans.

Perhaps things would have turned out differently for the pair if Chris had his anger in check… and perhaps, they would have gotten married by now. It’s so crazy to think that his decision to spill the beans about his past lover turned the relationship from total bliss into such a disaster. Chris hasn’t been lucky with relationships ever since; his relationship with Karrueche Tran also ended in the court, with the latter demanding for a restraining order from him…

What are your thoughts about Chris failed relationships? Do you think Chris and Rihanna would have made it to the alter? Drop all your thoughts below!


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