Blac Chyna To Release Sex Tapes To Spite Rob Kardashian!

It’s been trending for days! and it doesn’t seem like this epic gist will die down anytime soon. Rob Kardashian dragged his ex, Blac Chyna on Instagram last Wednesday after he felt the need to vent about his strained relationship with her. Rob claimed that Chyna was still sleeping with him, and was also sleeping with a few other men.

In another section of his big long rant, he said that he paid thousands and thousands of dollars for plastic surgery for Chyna after she gave birth to Dream Kardashian. Rob said that Chyna does all sorts of drugs, and drinks a lot, and that he spent nearly a million dollars on her while they were together. Rob crowned his rant by sharing a few nude photos of her.

Blac Chyna is reportedly taking this to court and she wants to file a restraining order against him because, as she claimed in her case, she’s scared of him.

Several reports further states that Chyna may be preparing to release a sex tape. “Blac is shopping a sex tape that doesn’t involve Rob, she wants to use it to humiliate Rob and also make a pretty penny off of it.”

Chyna’s threat might not be far fetched as she is very comfortable with her sexuality, and if any of Rob’s statements about her are to be believed, there’s nothing she won’t do in the the name of pettiness, especially if it will earn her more bucks.

Vivid Entertainment – the fine company that brought us the sex tapes from Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham – are willing to distribute the sex tape when she is ready.

“We think Blac Chyna would be great in a sex tape and many people are fascinated by her,” says Vivid CEO Steven Hirsch.

“We would definitely like to see whatever tape is out there or work with her on something new.”

Here is what we know.

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