Beyonce And Jay Z Invest Fortune In Their Unborn Twins Nursery.

Beyonce & Jay Z are expecting twins, and they have never been more excited! The power couple have started spoiling the unborn babies even while in the womb. New reports claims that the couple have invested in $30k sheets amongst other expensive additions to create a ‘master-suite-size’ nursery with it’s own kitchen, walk-in closets, fireplace etc.

LReports from life & Style magazine states that Beyonce, 35, and Jay Z, 47, have designed a DREAM nursery for their unborn twins, the duo dropped a whooping sum of $500,000 to create the over-the-top suite for their little ones.

“Bey and Jay knocked out a wall between two bedrooms to create a master-suite-size nursery inside their LA home,” a source reportedly revealed to the mag. “The twins will have matching cribs and rockers and designer sheets totaling $30,000, plus a $50,000 state-of-the-art sound system.”

Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, 63, is also in on the project. The celeb couple have also been super busy decorating their new space — transforming it into a relaxing sanctuary painted in gold and earth tones. “The nursery also has its own kitchen, fireplace, and movie theatre,”

Well that’s not close to all; the curvy screen diva – Beyonce – is set on literally giving her children the moon and stars. The outlet’s source stated: “She commission a $20,000 mural on the ceiling, complete with glowing stars, It’s incredible. It’s the entire galaxy above the nursery.”

And while taking care of Blue Ivy, 5, was challenging on its own, now Beyonce and Jay will have TWO infants to deal with at once, which means they’re planning on having plenty of help. In fact, the report claims Bey has hired double the staff she had to help her with Blue, and there’s even an adjoining suite for a nurse and a separate room for a nanny.

The source went further: “The twins have their own custom walk-in closet, It’s filled with the best designer baby clothes money can buy.”

Woah! These twins are a lucky set. What do you think about Bey and Jay’s extravagant nursery?

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