Here Is How Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are Coping With Divorce And Living Situation.

It’s been almost 2 years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner separated, and their living situation has been an odd one as Ben still resides on their property.
A source says that the duo are trying to make things as smooth as possible for their three children.

“Ben and Jen have done a lot of therapy together to get to a place where they can part ways amicably. Ben particularly has spent lots of time in rehab and working on being a better person and father. However, here is the sticky part of their current divorce situation, Ben still lives in the guest house behind Jen and the kids. He loves being close to the family, the kids love having dad around and Jen is OK with it too, for now”.

The children haven’t had to deal with their dad moving out and not seeing him as much. Although the former couple filed for divorce April 13, their next step will be to figure out if Ben will keep living on their sprawling Pacific Palisades property. The duo aren’t currently living together as husband and wife, but Ben is always there for the kids.

“At some point, Ben is going to have to move on. Ben realizes he can’t live behind his ex-wife forever, it’s just odd. They both need space to heal and move on. But for now, while he is in town and between projects, both Ben and Jen have decided to keep the unconventional living situation as it is”.

The 44-year-olds are parents to 11-year-old daughter Violet, eight-year-old daughter Seraphina and son Samuel, five. They’re frequently photographed out and about as a family unit, even though Ben and Jen are no longer a couple romantically. Their split has been one of the most amicable Hollywood has ever seen, with both stars praising each other as great friends and parents and never doing any mudslinging. Even with the impending divorce, there’s not going to be any ugly custody battle as they lovingly raise their children together.

Here is what we know.

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