Amber Rose Set To Walk Down The Aisle?!

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one celebrity that’s always all up in our faces, and she never forgets to show us how daring she can be! She is either starting movements on Instagram to get women to show off their platinum vagines to she’s starting feuds on Twitter with celebrities – more recent was when she threw an indirect shade at Beyonce, while she claimed to be Jay Z’s side chick (Becky with the good hair).

Her controversial nature makes it shocking that she is actually ready to settle down with a man! The drama queen herself is ready to walk down the aisle with her new man, 21 Savage, and Amber has apparently been seeing every single day since first meeting “several weeks ago.”

Amber Rose, kid and 21 SAVAGE

Rose has even introduced 21 Savage to her family and four-year-old son Sebastian. Word on the street is that 21 Savage “bonded” with Sebastian.

Also, Amber has met up with her new boyfriend’s mother and cousins. Although the duo have an 11-year age gap between them, Amber is not worrying one bit about it… In fact, she seems to think age is irrelevant and a double standard. When you think about, she does have a point. It’s not like Amber to think things through; if she did, she would not put half of the crap on Instagram she does these days.

Here is what we know.

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