50 Cent Throws Tantrums On Social Media Over Son, Marquise Jackson.

50 cent and son
G-Unit boss 50 Cent can take nearly all jokes, but not one when it comes to his son. The hip-hop veteran had social media “woke” after getting a fan site to take down a post about his mini-me.
There is a screenshot going around of 50 cent giving heat to a G-Unit Instagram account for posting a picture of his oldest son Marquise Jackson.

In case you missed, earlier on in the week, Marquise’s mom Shaniqua Tompkins threw shades at 50 stating he isn’t so good a father and laying child support payment claims.

However, a day before that, 50 Cent publicly outed Tompkins and revealed how much he had paid her. Few hours after 50 called her out, Tompkins responded to him trolling her on Mother’s Day. Woah so much of back and forth with 50 and his family… do you think 50 is petty? What is your take on 50 cent and his baby mama drama? 

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