Carmelo Anthony And La La Anthony Make Custody Decisions Over Son, Kiyan After Split.

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Carmelo Anthony, 32, and La La Anthony, 37, are heading towards divorce and it seems like the duo have reached a decision on custody and how they’re going to spend time with their son. Although the two haven’t officially filed for divorce, there are reports that the divorce is inevitable and it’s in sight, and for now they just needed a quickie custody arrangement. The former lovebirds have worked out a temporary custody agreement concerning their 10 year old son Kiyan. The arrangement, according to TMZ, allows La La primary custody of Kiyan, which implies that the Hollywood star will likely have the 10 year old live with her in New York City full-time, while Carmelo would only be allowed visitation. Though it may seem like Carmelo is getting the short end of the stick by NOT having temporary custody, there are claims that Carmelo will have a totally open line of communication with Kiyan, and will be able to spend time with him for as much as he’d like.

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Although Carmelo and La La clearly have their own marriage issues, it’s obvious that they are head-over-heels in love with their son. A source says that both the NBA star and his wife agree it’s important for Kiyan have structure in his life and that he’s not dragged from place to place while they end their marriage. La La especially believes Melo’s a great dad who “deserves time with his son”. Apparently the duo – who publicly announced their separation on April 17, believe they can work out all the custody details through their lawyers, without heading to court. Neither Carmelo nor La La has filed for divorce but after they publicly announced their split, it’s only a matter of time before they head for the courtroom, in fact, since they announced their split, they have been spotted without their wedding rings on “They have been fighting for about a year, the marriage has always been a rocky one, so this is no surprise” says a source close to the couple.

Carmelo has also been accused of cheating and that he got a stripper pregnant while he was still very much married to La La. The woman is reportedly demanding money from the Basketballer for medical expenses and to raise the child, according to TMZ. There are reports that “the other woman often works at a gentleman’s club in NYC.” Though Fameolous’ report contradicts TMZ saying that Mia works as a social worker, not a dancer. Their report adds that since the news of her relationship with Carmelo became public, Mia has moved to North Carolina. She has also deleted her Facebook page, and switched her Instagram to private.

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