Rihanna Shows Concern After Instagram Celeb Accuses Drake Of Getting Her Pregnant.

Hmmm! Rihanna feels bad for Drake after hearing about the pregnancy accusations coming from Layla Lace. The hit singer obviously still cares about her ex a great deal, and is willing to help him through this. Although Rihanna, 29, and Drake, 30, didn’t make it as a couple, there are indications that the duo intend to be great friends. A report states that “Rihanna is embarrassed for Drake after hearing the news that he may have knocked up a random hookup, She’ll always have love and a soft spot for Drake, so the news still bothered her a bit. Rihanna knows he can be a player, but doesn’t believe any of the accusations. She’s totally Team Drake on this one!” Awwwn!

On April 18, Layla Lace accused Drake of getting her pregnant. And some celebrities have started taking sides. DJ Spade, for example, is convinced that the rising cover model is telling lies based on an alleged text conversation they had. “Publicity will make me $ even if he don’t want me idc,” wrote Layla. DJ Spade then sends her a warning that everyone will “hate” her once they figure out the truth, but she says, “I’m still gonna get this money.” This wouldn’t be the first time someone told a lie for fame, just saying!

Layla Lace
Layla and Drake Chats


Layla who has over 7,000 followers on Instagram didn’t break the story quietly, as she posted a VERY lengthy message on the app accusing Drizzy of ignoring her phone calls after telling him she was expecting. The “One Dance” rapper would have to agree to a paternity test to prove her claims — and who knows if he wants that kind of drama. And as if that was not enough, she has accused Drake of sending her threatening texts and taunted that she might make them public. Most of her wrath is directed at Drizzy’s pal – DJ Spade – who supposedly introduced Layla to Drake, calling him out for bringing her around the superstar even though they hardly knew each other. “LIKE WOW YOU ALREADY F***ED UP BY BRINGING A FEMALE THAT YOU ONLY MET IN 2 DAYS AROUND YA MANS !!! YOU LOOKING BAD OUT HERE !!! @djspadenyc”. She continued, “DON’T BE MAD CAUSE YOU GOT EXPOSED TOO!!! WHEN YOU AND YA MANS ARE READY TO STOP SENDING ME THREATENING TEXT MESSAGES I’M HERE !!!! (Didn’t leak those but i will if i have too !!!!).

Woah! She’s got some mouth on her! Do you believe her story? Do you think this is just a publicity stunt?

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