Woah! Tyga Arrested In Los Angeles.

27 year old star rapper, Tyga was arrested in Los Angeles yesterday, April 11 for allegedly driving his newly acquired $150,000 Mercedes Limited edition G-Wagon, without license plates. The hit maker was spotted chatting with a group of police officers from his ride before exiting the car and getting handcuffed and placed in the back of a police vehicle, after which he was then taken to the LAPD station. Tyga sat in his vehicle for around 45 minutes while LAPD cars rolled up one after another. Eventually, 9 Police cars were on scene and then when the Sergeant arrived, Tyga was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Hollywood LAPD station and booked.
Tyga Arrested


This is coming after he showed off his brand new car on Instagram, and when the paparazzi asked him why he was being arrested, he said that he “just bought” the car”. However, California law requires drivers to have license plates on their vehicles — dealerships must provide customers with temporary plates if the permanent ones aren’t available yet.

Tyga’s arrest comes after his breakup from Kylie Jenner, 19, last month. Although the two haven’t confirmed a split, we haven’t seen them featured on each other’s social media pages recently, which is really rare. Meanwhile, Kylie has been spending more and more time with girlfriends lately, and Tyga was photographed surrounded by bikini-clad women while filming a video earlier this week!

Yeah, we know they have had series of break ups and make ups throughout the course of their relationship, so it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if this is just a temporary stunt. After all, the 19-year-old has still been liking her “ex’s” pictures on Instagram, and was even singing along to one of his new songs on Snapchat recently. Guess We’ll have to wait for the duo to make an official announcement!

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