Mel B Takes Mummy Duties More Serious After Split From Husband.

Melonie Brown recently opened up about her marriage troubles when she officially filed for divorce. The screen diva revealed the alleged torture she went through while she and Stephen were together; claiming he punched her, threatened her, beat her up for talking to Usher, and even told her to “die, b*tch,” after she tried overdosing on pills. Ouch! But she has decided to hold her head up through it and stay strong for her children.

Mel B and her Daughters

Mel B and estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte are going through a nasty split. However, the yummy mummy of 3 is putting on a brave face for her kids. Reports states that though that she’s still taking them to school and packing lunches, the star is actually in a whole lot of ‘pain!’ The 41 year old diva is going through a lot of heartache after filing for divorce from her husband of ten years Stephen Belafonte, 41. But despite her sadness, and her claims that Stephen abused her physically and psychologically for years, Mel is standing tall and putting her best foot forward for her three daughters: Madison Brown-Belafonte, 5; Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 10; and Phoenix Chi Gulzar, 18. “Mel B is doing everything she can to give her children stability and structure since her split, Mel has been packing their lunches, driving the kids to school, and putting on a brave face while being a good mommy despite all the pain she is feeling from her rocky break with Stephen”.

The worst part of the trauma is that she may end up giving in to whatever Stephen wants, since they did not sign a prenuptial agreement before getting hitched. Previous reports claims that Stephen is trying hard to suck Mel’s finances dry! “Stephen is demanding $30,00 a month in child support from Mel and is also asking that he be given the family’s mansion. She gave him millions over the course of the 10-year marriage for real estate investments, fancy cars, and vacations. She thinks he should start paying for things himself.”

She is a true hero isn’t she? What are your thoughts on Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s divorce?

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