Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher’s Marriage Crumbles.

Hollywood star, Carrie Underwood and her hockey-playing husband – Mike Fisher – marriage is hitting the rocks. Reports claims that the Country superstar has filed for divorce from Mike, although he is struggling to find calm seas.
Reports from Naughty Gossip, states that Underwood and Fisher have been fighting constantly, and it all stems from their family. “Carrie and Mike have been at each other’s throats for ages over when to bring another little one into their family. Underwood is at the peak of her career, and as a result, seems more interested in touring and recording, although when the duo got married, they both agreed on four kids! But neither is getting any younger,”

The last thing Hollywood needs is another heartbreaking divorce. But unfortunately, Carrie Underwood, 34, and Mike Fisher, 36, are far from throwing in the towel despite going through a bit of a rough patch.
A report from an insider states:
“Their conflicting schedules have really been difficult for their relationship, but at the same time, it helps keep him off her mind, It’s a bit of a Catch-22 but she really wants their relationship to survive.”

Prior to Apr. 5, difficulties in the country singer’s marriage have hardly been mentioned. But a new report claims that things are bad between them — and have been for awhile! “Between their careers, Carrie and Mike are so busy that they’re barely together — and unfortunately, their problems run much deeper than that,” a different source explained to Star, noting that the hockey player has simply stopped trying and doesn’t seem to make Carrie his priority. “He’s not putting forth the effort to make her happy and feel secure.”

However, another report claims that the “Jesus Take The Wheel” songwriter is trying to make it work. “She just did a cruise performance where she wished Mike was there and be a part of it”. News of their rocky romance definitely comes as a shock to fans all over the world, but considering the fact that we haven’t seen the lovebirds out in public in awhile, there’s a chance things aren’t going so well behind closed doors. Still, all of us are hoping that Carrie and Mike can put their differences aside eventually and live happily ever after.

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